U Shaped Kitchens as the Efficient Design for Small Spaces

Kitchen is usually designed simply plus functional. However, if someone needs more storage but the kitchen is in small shape, what should they do? They should consider making it wider to store many foods, didn’t they? If the work space is still wide enough, U-shaped kitchens are the best choice for them. This layout can maximize the work space and also storage, so it is more efficient to be used. It is suitable to be placed in small spaces of house or cafe. It often also known as C-shaped kitchen. It has configuration feature of work area that is similar with horseshoe-shaped.

This interior concept is designed with three sides of counter running around and cabinets with open and end door for access. This design has recently three items connections in triangle function. They are refrigerator, stove, plus sink which are put far apart. It becomes an effective design to provide a single primary cook. It is definitely not want chairs insides the U-shape. However, if you want this model provides chairs to make a seating area, put the chairs on one of the legs of the U-area. Also you can remove the upper cabinets plus wall from the legs to used it for eating. Besides, move the refrigerator from the primary U-shaped area to give more cookware and food storage near the ovens and range top.It also provides smart storage inside the cabinet.

You can pullout the wire drawers inside. It will likely be better when it is designed in focused cooking. The idea locations the stove in the center, refrigerator to the far left and also the kitchen sink using the dishwasher for the right. It will be more elegant with a unique design, especially by giving ocean palette of dusty blues and soft grays with vibrant finishes. It can be personalized by decorating the upper cabinets with doors in frosted glass.

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