It was like a fairy tale, where the actors were the participants. The atmosphere you created touched even the most stiff people in the room - Alicja Moszynska, Vice President of the International Forum for Women

I am so pleased to have attended a training session by Noam: he is a knowledgeable, and innovative trainer who challenges you to look at the way you work in different ways and has the ability to bring out the creative side in a novel and often fun way which helps you to remember everything. - Anne Morton, Fundraiser

Through my career in an international retail banking corporation I have attended numerous "inspirational" training courses across the country. None of these compared either in style or quality of content to that provided by Noam. Very creative, interesting and intelligent approach, and I left feeling thoroughly inspired. - Stephanie Creek, Executive Officer at Department for Work and Pensions


Training / Workshops

If you are looking for training for the entire organization, a team or a group of individuals, I deliver interacting training / workshops tailored to your needs. Basic training can be delivered over a day while advanced training require 2 - 5 days depending on the topics and depth of learning.

Here's a list of topics I cover most often (in no particular order):

Training: Communication

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Communicating to Influence
  3. Train the Trainer
  4. Building Relations
  5. Communicating Using Social Media
  6. Dealing With Difficult Behavior

Training: Strategy

  1. Creating Useful Strategy and Effective Tactics
  2. Leading and Managing Teams
  3. Developing a Culture of Innovation and/or Intrapreneurship
  4. Building a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy
  5. Building an Effective People Development Strategy


Team Retreats

The most effective way to build a team or develop new strategies is to give space to your team: in terms of time, and in terms of physical space.

Through the simple process of leaving the familiar, it becomes easier to think differently. Going away helps removing your people from the daily noise in the office and at home, which means they can focus their attention on building a great team and developing effective strategies. 

I take teams for away days tailored to your needs, your culture and your geographical area. Use the form bellow to tell me more about your team and what you want to achieve.



If you are looking for a keynote, you can book me for events and conferences. Keynotes generally last from 20 to 90 minutes depending on your needs. There is a wide range of topics I am passionate about and new ones come up with personal or world events. Here's a list of topics I love to talk about (if what you're looking for is not here, tell me what you have in mind and if I cannot do it, I know a lot of fabulous speakers!): 

  1. The Success of Failure
  2. Going from Dream to Reality
  3. Brain Hacking
  4. Making Money from Doing Good


If you want to book for me training, workshops, team retreats or keynotes, fill the form bellow and I will get back to you

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