Walking through life is a fabulous journey. If you're looking for guidance through your personal life, starting a business or making the most out of your work, I'd love to join you on the unique road that you're going through.

I was the awkward kid who never seemed to get what he wanted. I struggled to deal with my emotions. I had these crazy thoughts that the world was consistently against me and my relations with others were always difficult.

At university, I reached the peak of frustration: I had left Belgium keen and enthusiastic to be studying at the prestigious Bristol University, only to be disappointed by what I discovered. My first shock was that I wasn't allowed to study extra classes... my first fight with the education board. A year later, I had found a Japanese university that wanted to welcome me for a year abroad, but couldn't get the Civil Engineering department to allow me to go. I had to face the truth: I must have been doing very something wrong because I so often seemed to be in conflict with others.

I was frustrated by the world and this is how I start my journey to live a happier life. 

Brain Hacking is the art and science of affecting our lives by understanding how the mind works. 

People often describe me as a maverick, but really, I am just someone who was fortunate to be taught from a young age to be myself. I will never forget reading my first quote from Oscar Wilde: "Be yourself; Everyone else is taken."

How often do you feel that you are truly yourself? Do you have dreams that are unfulfilled? Do you ever feel you have to shrink and limit your potential, that if let free you could do so much more? Do you ever feel you could be happier and more fulfilled?

By understanding how your mind works, how you've been programmed by biology, parents, school, society, religion, peers and media, you will have the choice to change the way you function. You can change the way you experience the world, and as a result you will be happier with yourself, and with others.

If you want change, keep on reading. If you believe that everything in your life is perfect, this is not for you, I'm interested in working with people who want to grow, move and improve. 

I don't do magic: practice makes perfect. 

I don't believe there is a magic pill you can take to solve your problems. If you want a quick solution, I'm not the right person for you. 

I believe that change is a long and difficult road: if it was easy, we'd all be the way dream to be... saints on earth, perfect, flawless and always happy. I have myself walked a long journey, and I love to share the little tricks I have learned on the way. I am myself continuing to grow and I'm far from perfect. 

If you want to walk together, you need to give time and dedication. You may have heard about the 10,000 hours rule. It is said 10,000 hours are needed to create a first masterpiece in any field.

20 hours seem to be enough to overcome the first challenges of learning something new. Within 100 hours, one builds confidence in this new skill. Past 1,000 hours, one reaches excellence and feel at ease with these new habits that have been integrated so well they've become second nature. 

If you want to work with me: how much are you willing to practice?

I work with a minimum of 10 x 1h30 of guidance to achieve something together. If you agree to commit a minimum of 30 minutes of practice per day, 5 times a week, you can easily reach 85 hours of intense practice within 5 months. Because I love accelerating learning, I can help you make these 85 hours worth 160. By the end of a short coaching programme, you will feel confident with the change you've achieved. 

I love working with champions. Champions are people who want to go further than they can imagine, who want to push the limits of what they can do. For those who want either a longer relationship or more intense practice, I have longer programmes than span over 9, 12 and 18 months.

If you want to talk as soon as possible, schedule a call to start the conversation.

If you want to explore a longer guidance programme, tell me more about what you want to achieve using the contact page.

I look forward to talking soon. Have a fabulous end of the day!