Everyone has masterpieces waiting to be created.

In the last decade, I've engaged with over 25,000 people from 40 different nationalities through training, coaching and speaking. I now live in Costa Rica from where I coach entrepreneurs, business owners, artists and creators from all over the world. The most recent recognition of my coaching is to have my work filmed for “The Coaching Movie”.

When I started in the personal development world in Poland, I remember taking groups of 50 to 150 people for five-day retreats, during which we had long and intense times together. The pace at which we live has increased so much that like many people you may struggle to find the time to go on a 5-day retreat.

That’s why when I arrived in London, I tried to create an online platform to teach anyone how to go from dream to reality. And I failed.

After I left London to work with a potential partner in NYC, a girl who had reached out to me for coaching. She lived in London had spent 10 years going to psychologists and therapists but was still miserable. She was told I could help but I explained that coaching had to happen face to face. Her persistency convinced me to give it a try, despite my skepticism about doing coaching via Skype. And I haven’t looked back because since then, I now coach all my clients via Skype, and results my clients are creating have been going through the roof.

The results from online coaching was remarkable, so I created a experiment to test if meditating with a group online could work. It turned out to be an amazing success. All participants loved it, reported great results and asked for more. So these two experiences re-ignited my desire to create effective learning online.

For the next 12 months, I’m committed to creating online adventures through which you can make your dreams a reality.

My coaching clients achieved extraordinary things because they take extra-ordinary actions. You can do the same by taking actions you normal don’t take. I only takes 10-15 clients a year for deep coaching, and I want to help a lot more, so I’m offering as much guidance for free as I can here. I promise that if you read articles and take actions, you will get results.

You can shape this blog

You can affect the direction that this blog is taking and you can get free coaching by commenting on articles, by asking questions, writing your answers to questions and sharing the results of the actions you take.

If you want to get in touch with me directly, comment on a post or send me a message via www.about.me/noamkos

Free vs paid content

You will notice that most of the website is free, and some parts are to be paid for.

I will always keep the blog free and I am making a commitment to offer as much of my time for free as possible to people who can't afford to pay for coaching.

For the courses and e-books, you will always have to pay, because I care about commitment. A friend of mine had bought a gym membership for years but never stuck to his routine. When he moved to a new apartment he discovered that the gym around the corner was one of the most expensive in town. After a week of saying he couldn't afford it, he put the money together and said "fuck it, I'm gonna make the most out of it!". And a year later he was still going to the gym a few times a week. He explained that it was so expensive, he simply couldn't NOT go at least three times a week.

When it comes to the paid part of the website, I don't care about how much money you pay for online learning, because I know that money means something different for everyone. I've had clients who earn $33 per month and others who make several million a year. What matters to me is that you pay an amount that is significant to you. Pay an amount that, like my friend's gym membership, feels that it's expensive enough that there is no way you won't take action and be serious about your commitment it. A way to think about how much to invest is:

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  • What you spend on lunch on a regular day
  • What you spend on a night out
  • What you would spend for new clothes
  • What you would spend on a gym membership
  • What you would spend on a weekend holidays


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