How to Make Creative Cool Bookshelf Ideas

Have you ever sensed bored to have and read the books from the bookshelf?Is the bookshelf old and also unappealing enough being place on your own space? Perhaps, you need to change your decoration with a cool touch. There’s awesome bookshelf that can make you are feeling more fascinated to use and also keep the books inside. Although some new ideas usually will make you spend much money, you should not be worry with this new idea. You can make a cheap bookshelf by using your creativity or DIY art. There are many methods to help make these fresh innovative ideas.

The first way of nice bookshelf ideas, you can make a cool invisible bookshelf. Place a bookshelf L shape on your wall, then open up your last page book together with hard cover and hang it on the shelf. With the side closed corner part of the book horizontally until the shelf cannot be seen. You can put more than one book and lean them on one shelf. Additionally, create a lot of invisible bookshelves to get more variety of books. next, you can make bookshelf which related with industrial spot pipe. You just have to buy some small industrial pipe with black or your lovely color then put it on the corner wall. Next, place your books to the cell in the pipe up and down.

Future, you can make a book tree rack using wood materials. It can create your books appear well-organized plus much more fascinated. You should just put some wooden shelves on the wall and arrange them similar with tree shape. A final will be doing some the best bookshelf tips with your secondhand things like several square boxes, your own skateboard or etc. Put them on your wall and arranged them well, such as make diamond shapes with squared colorful boxes, or display some skateboards like a tree shape on the wall.

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