Creating an Antique Painted Kitchen Cabinets

If you mean to bring old concept or rather shabby chic one toward your cooking area, then antique kitchen cabinets obviously will lay on the first position of ‘must-placed’ items list. With the use of wooden materials, the antique atmosphere will be strongly gushed through the right application of color. Some warm colors such as light brown, cream, and white are considered to be the wiser choice. And if you want to get this kind of furniture, there is an interesting option. Instead of buying the new one, you can redesign your old sleek modern cabinets to be something old and antique by following below explanation.

Basically, the steps in making antique painted cabinets are divided into two stages, they are preparation and execution. In the preparation stage, firstly you need to remove all the stuff inside. Remove all the things in the wooden cabinets you’re about to redesign, and then wipe down every single part of it with a dry rag. Next step, cover the area under the cabinets with paper to prevents it of getting stained by the paint. After that, you can sand every part of your cabinets including its exterior, interior, and doors. Sand them with the sand block with the range between medium and fine grit for the best result. And done, the preparation stage is finished.

Then, we enter to the execution stage. Firstly, stir the primer and the paint with a paint stirring stick. As stated before, you better choose the paint with calm color such as white, light brown, and cream. Further, the all-in-one kind of primer is also recommended for the best result. After the mixture is well-stirred, pour some of it in the paint stray. Then you can start painting the cabinets. Especially for the un-accessible edges, you can use paintbrush, strokes, or smooth. Then, let the paint to completely dry after all. Lastly, brush the light wood stain coating for the aged look. By doing all of the steps above, you surely can get an antique cabinet without wasting a lot of money.

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