Attractive Art Deco Interior Ideas

Applying the art deco is surprisingly easy. You will definitely be surprised by these ways that are considered as simple but effective to bring the retro atmosphere from the year of 1930. Also for you who don’t know about what art deco actually is, here is the brief explanation about it. Art deco is a style that firstly came in France, right afterward the earliest World War. This is the concept that combines the French, Mediterranean or Egyptian culture with vibrant colors with geometric patterns as its signature. Moreover, if you are interested to apply this kind of concept into your housing, here are several simple ways that you can do.

As stated before, the signatures of art deco ideas are on the use of vibrant colors with geometric pattern that this concept has. So, to bring this design into reality, start it by using the combination of some basic or monochromatic colors such as black together with white to cover the room. Then, to add more vibrant impression in it, apply some bold colors that have high contrast to accentuate the finishes. Further, you should also carry the geometric pattern to decorate the room. Some patterns such as curvier in-conjunction with rectilinear are considered as the popular ones that can be applied in the wallpaper.

Then, we’re talking about the accessories that should be placed inside the room. Here, many interiors designers suggest putting the ones that became trend in the time period of 30’s until 40’s. So, place some accessories such as oil painting, table lamps with sculptural accent, bedroom furniture with ornate, fine-detailed kind of furniture, and more. Moreover, remembering that this concept inspired with the Egyptian culture, you can apply some symbols of pyramid, sphinxes, in-conjunction with hieroglyphics in the furniture, wallpaper, with textiles. Overall, by applying these art deco ideas, you will be able to bring strongly nostalgic aura inside you room.

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