"To jump or not to jump?" wonders Arthur the cricket.  

“I have been sitting for already 2h and I haven't yet come up with a decision: I hate these leaves that end so abruptly...", Arthur thinks to himself, "... and if I did jump, I bet that there'll be plenty more unexpected stuff that will happen. I can't deal all this uncertainty anymore!"


"I just want the leaf to continue being the way it was before" laments the cricket before he spots a big thing coming from the right. He gets scared and almost jumps, but the mass stops suddenly next to him.


A human that was walking by stopped to look at the cricket. "Aaaaaahhhhh!! what is this?! What do I do? What do I do? Do I jump? Do I stay? Argghmmmmmpff I wish I had jumped before: I wouldn't have to deal with this now!" thinks in panic the cricket.


As the human gets closer to snap a picture of the beautiful cricket, it stays frozen and observes "what is it doing? I bet it's dangerous! It's going to eat me! I should have jumped when I could, now it's too late...", then the big shape moves away and before Arthur the cricket has time to finish its thought, the human is gone.


Arthur doesn't move because its scared and confused "The big scary thing is gone.What do I do now? What does it mean? Arggh!! I wish I had jumped when it was here because I had a good reason to..."


"Why do problems always happen to me?", thinks Arthur the cricket before he falling asleep on the leaf, uncertain whether to jump or not.


The human walks away, happy to have captured a peaceful moment in the life of the cricket. As he looks at the photo later, he thinks to himself "what an easy life: outside all day without all the problems I have and no difficult decisions to make". He continues his day fantasizing he had as easy a life as the cricket.