When I was 18, I traveled alone to South Korea. The owner of the guest house I was staying at took me to the deep forest, for a long, 5-day trip. The first night, he told me that he was looking for the perfect place to start a school, to teach people to be gods. He believed that "everyone can be a god". I wasn't quite sure what he meant because his English was terrible, but the idea kept me dreaming: what does he REALLY mean? what would it be like if it was possible? It took me almost 10 years to understand what he meant. I've had to travel to over 30 countries, and I've had to train / coach over 20,000 people to finally realize that I have only ever met 3 kinds of people: robots, slaves and gods.

Signs you may be a robot...

I first came across the idea of being a robot through a book with an odd title: Angel Tech. When I discovered this idea, I felt like I had literally woke up for the first time, because it was so true: I AM A ROBOT.

… and so are YOU.

We're all programmed by our DNA, biology, our parents, our teachers, society, the media, friends, our experiences, etc... to act in certain ways. We've got all these "programs" installed in us, and we operate them automatically. Being a robot is a bit like being asleep: it's only when you wake up that suddenly you realize you were sleeping. Being a robot is very comfortable. It's easy. Robots love to be entertained and satisfied. Robots build in their lives the absolute predictability of everything that occurs, because they want the guarantee that they will never face the unexpected, and that they will never be made uncomfortable.

We call this particular form of predictability the 3 S': Safety, Security and Stability.

REAL human connections cannot happen with a "safe" zone: deep relationships with another human being, requires you to be vulnerable, and you must take the risk that you'll become hurt. That's why a better term for the 3 S' is "loneliness".

Robots don't ask themselves important questions, because it shakes the foundations of the stability and security they've built.

Interestingly enough, the moment you realize that you've got all these programs installed (we all do!), you can start to choose which programs are actually useful to you, which ones you want to keep, and which ones are obsolete.

The moment you realize that you can only create the ILLUSION of safety, security and stability, you start to become free from being a robot.


You are a robot if you let others decide of your beliefs and if you are relinquish power to create the word / reality you live in.


NOTE: Being a robot is very comfortable!

The realization that you REALLY are a robot generally jumps people into the next stage: slave.

Signs you may be a slave...

At the same time as being a robot, I knew I was more than that. I had been struggling for years to get out of the mold.

As we realize that we've got all these programs installed, we try to understand why they've been installed, who installed them, what do they do, how do they function, and most importantly: why the f... hasn't anybody told me that I was a robot?!

With this, often comes a rejection, or a conflict with "the system". When one encounters this, one tends to feel a struggle, frustration, and anger, because we don't want to be a robot; but we also feel stuck, and don't know how to create the life we want. This can be a very troubled period of life. When we're slaves, we do all sorts of "weird" things (and I did, too!) because we're trying to do anything we can to get out of our shackles.

If you can see robots around you, yet you struggle to make ends meet, or you feel that society doesn't have a place for you, you're very likely to be a slave. For many of us - myself included - knowing that I was a slave amongst robots made me feel superior, because I knew something they didn’t.

The truth is that I was blinded by my own arrogance, because I couldn’t see myself from the outside. I wasn’t a robot, but I wasn’t free. I later discovered that actually, I was a slave.


You are a slave if you are prisoner of your own beliefs, and if you are limited by the world / reality you create and live in.


NOTE: Being a slave is always painful. When we're robots, in a sense we are prisoners to biology, society, and other "forces" that decide for us. When we get caught up in our own beliefs, we become prisoner of our own thoughts. At the slave stage, we feel pain because we become our own warden: every day, we create the prison we live in. Once we've reach a high enough level of pain, we say "FUCK IT", now I'm going to create my own world... and we free ourselves from our own prison.

Signs you may be a god...

I coach people who create masterpieces. My clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, consultant, self employed professionals, and artists of all kinds. I was talking to a friend about different clients of mine, because what they achieve is often beyond my reach. I'm often so in awe when I see what my clients create after our coaching sessions.

As I described what makes my most amazing client extraordinary, for the first time it hit me that many of them have literally changed their world... and I finally understood what the Korean owner of the guest house meant: my clients are the gods of their world because they create the world they live in.

What's most fascinating about these people is that they were all slaves and robots. When you talk to them, all they did was to give themselves the permission to create the world they live in, every day. Without even realizing it, they started acting like gods. Gods create the world they live in.

Everyone is a god trapped into a robot, and the slave stage is simply a transition (most often, if not always a struggle) to realize that we are gods.

We are also all gods because we all create the world in which we live.

NOTE: I have started meeting people who seem to have reached the level BEYOND being a god. When we're gods, we feel all powerful, and we create the world we live in. Being a god can be tiring. These people who've transcended beyong gods seem to embrace fully being a robot simultaneously, with being a god. These "robot-gods" (any suggestion for a better term is welcome) have such beautiful characteristics of being everything, and anything at any time.


You are a god if you are free from your own beliefs, and if you are empowered by the word / reality you create, and live in.



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Are you a robot, a slave, or a god?